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ashion really lit - Blacker Reflective Fashion

Reflective Fashion” - fashion that actually “from the inside out” lights and light reflecting vibrant and dynamic thanks to a brand new, innovative print process, is currently on everyone’s lips. Now the company is launching Start Up Fashion Reflective her new fashion label Blacker that combines these exciting light-reflecting prints in the form of luminous materials with ultra-modern styles to create a unique street wear collection with ultra casual, urban chic.

Urban street wear meets high tech innovation Blacker is a young and highly innovative fashion label, casual, yet fashionable and extravagant. Inspired by the young and dynamic cities in Europe such as Berlin, where do street wear and urban chic the streetscape into a red-hot, exceptional Trend spotting, the trendy fashion pieces impress with their simple yet extravagant design.

But what exactly is “reflective fashion”? Imagine, they dance in a club, the disco ball rotates and raises their colorful light by reflective fabric on their clothes … and their clothes casts dazzling light as alive back, that reflects light rather than absorb it as with traditional materials of is the case. This light-reflecting effect works both artificial light sources as well as in daylight. Also, the flash of a digital camera or a smart phone triggers a cool lighting effect. The founders of Reflective Fashion paired this high-tech invention with the creative know-how of young, hip designers and the result is a unique, brand new collection of Blacker. Be unique, be Blacker!

In today’s fashion market, a trend after another in a continuous loop seems to repeat. Actual innovations are rare and it is difficult to live as a lover really new fashion trends their own individuality creative and dynamic. Blacker is aware of the unit mass of the conventional fashion labels from - the clothes of Blacker is unique and the materials thanks to the unprecedented reflective fashion process as unique and alive - so unique - such as the hip individualist today it is. This elegantly-casual simplicity ensures that the striking prints with three-dimensional bright patterns and reflective lettering come to their best advantage. The men’s and women’s collections offer casual-convenient and highly fashionable T-shirt, dresses, foodies and pants in street wear style.

Urban Fashion combined with the highest quality offers casual luxury for fashion-conscious trendsetters. The result is a collection that the hip trend parts has such a dress in Hoodie style for men or ultra casual harem pants in trendy Sweat look for men. The collection of Blacker reflective material will be available from December online shop newly launched - look forward to exceptional, hip fashion for men, who like out from the crowd of fashion Alleles lift! This press release was published on opener.

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