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Drivers should wear safety vest

Although weather forecasts for the coming days are not optimistic, many Poles planned closer and further trips at that time.
Police officers who wear safety vests will watch over the safety of all traffic - drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. Numerous checks that will be conducted on Polish roads have one main goal - that all motorists who go to the road will return from it only with positive impressions - safely, safely and securely.
Anyone planning a car trip should check their technical condition, lighting and equipment beforehand. The car should have a fire extinguisher and a warning triangle with homologations. It is also worth to take care of other items such as first aid kit or reflective vest.
Due to the increased traffic on the roads, it is worth preparing in advance and thinking about alternative roads. Thanks to that, in the case of traffic handicaps caused by construction or a road event, you can take another route. In the long journey it is worth to go rested, preferably after a 7-8 hour sleep. When planning a trip, you should think of breaks that will help you overcome fatigue and rest from sitting position. It is also advisable to take a time correction for possible traffic jams and other traffic incidents to make time on time without speeding up. Under no circumstances can you get into the car after drinking alcohol. Whoever is not sure about his state of sobriety, can easily check it in every police unit.
It is also important to think about the proper protection with some reflective element of your home or apartment. Make sure all doors and windows including basements and roofs are closed. You must not forget to secure your garage and business premises and turn off the water and gas valves.

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