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He goes to pick up waste in safety vest from Aix to Paris

These last two days, he picked up 118 cigarette butts; 60 packs of cigarettes including Marlboro 12 and 15 Philipp Morris; 69 plastic bottles which 8 Coca Cola; 7.75 kg of garbage unclassifiable including a small doll wicker and plastic unrecoverable … Hervey Pithier cleans roadsides with wearing a safety vest. On 12 July, this guy smiling, wearing a straw hat, beard and curly hair, left on foot of Aix, towards Paris, and since then, he notes everything he collects.

So he walks, dragging behind him a beautiful yellow wheelie bin that fills up as you go. With a few stops, he expects to arrive at Paris on 30 November for the opening of the COP 21, the UN environmental summit, which it held until December 11.
He is progressing steadily. “I try not to fall below 4 km / hour,” he said.
The aisles are littered with junk and sometimes incongruous objects that escaped probably inadvertently to their owner. He has collected “a screwdriver, t-shirts, baby pajamas, a plastic watering can, a sympathizer card FN, pie plates, bolts, a pair of shoes 47, a telephone, a condom - in its packaging - road maps … “he lists. What power a garage sale!

Running asphalt is not what he prefers. Hervey Pithier spent his childhood to gallop on the paths of Provence.
I wear a reflective vest left with mushrooms, carrying two bags, one for picking, and one for waste. Between an “anarchist” father, who discovered Christian faith later on, and became a geographer sister, his environmental awareness has gradually expanded.
Today, he controls all major sensitive issues, even in details. Do we know that one cigarette butt pollutes 500 liters of water? It sums:
Walking is an excuse to talk dumps, nuclear, wind, our lifestyles little respect for the natural environment. Today we have a duty of reparation vis-à-vis the world. ”

But the revolt did not feed her man. In real life, Hervey Pithier is a mason. He was a Companion du Devoir between 2005 and 2011, and it has almost completed its Tour de France. In Metz, he worked on the construction of the Cathedral, but his spirit of independence earned him in trouble with his boss. During his apprenticeship he worked in all trades. “I chose the traditional masonry, he said, because it uses local material.”

Lola stewardship
Last year, he traveled to Latin America, where he was shocked by the ubiquitous dumps arriving to the most beautiful sites, including Peru.
When I returned to France last February, I thought we should take advantage of the COP21 to raise awareness. ”
After two months of feasibility studies, and a four-day test running, it is launched. Beside her, Lola Orson (24 years) is the steward. Slim, dark, long hair, the determined air, she just completed urban management studies. They met three years ago in a “couch-surfing” evening in Aix.

It is the other face of this crazy project, the navigator of this long journey. It was she who led the patched car and trailer where they pile up their reflective equipment. And she picks up the car trash bags full he leaves for his attention at the roadside. Every other day, they weigh them, open them carefully sort their contents, make accountants statistics before throwing everything in the appropriate bins.

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