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Holm presented reflective material Light Spray

New product of the of the bicycle area appealing care products provider Holm: The Reflective Marking Spray by reflective material

Immediately bicycle commuters, joggers, bikers or school children can decide which jobs are to reflect on the clothing or on the bike - and thus provide better visibility and greater safety in road traffic. The spray is easy to apply on clothing and other materials and unfolds when illuminated its reflective effect.
And who invented it? Holm - one coming from the winter sports recognized specialist in surface coatings - has found a niche market with the new light spray and “developed a unique product that can be applied to various surfaces quickly and easily.”

This Holm sales manager Dr. Conrad: “This is a quantum leap for the safety of cyclists, walkers and joggers on the road. The Reflective vest and Marking Spray offers a much more flexible application than normal reflectors. The desired reflecting locations are freely selectable. Even large areas can be sprayed with the spray now easy. ”

Who does not want to apply to sport, functional clothing or caps, can spray the spray on his bike, on shoes, helmets, gloves and backpacks. The reflective property is visible in lighting and provides more safety in road traffic. In addition, the spray can be easily removed with conventional cleaning agents and detergents.
According Holm the number of active cyclists and joggers is extremely high, especially in the inner cities. “Whether on the school, college or to work, a reflective clothing can be lifesaving in certain circumstances. Especially when it is dusk or dark, the risk increases to be overlooked. “Original sound Dr. Gödel: “Especially in poor visibility should bike and scooter riders, joggers and pedestrians stand out, so they can be seen on the road early.”

Holm also thinks of schoolchildren at dawn to walk to school or must to the bus stop. For them too, this safety spray suitable own “reflective tape on backpacks are often only sporadically available. With the Reflective Marking Spray all sites can where reflectors are missing, but would be useful to be sprayed. Especially in bad weather it is the perfect companion on the way to school.”

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