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Hundreds of tourists in safety vest arrive at the winter meeting

“The number of participants in reflective clothing registered for the whole period of the four-day meeting is still 232. To this day, participants will be added. They are coming from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Are logged out of 58 seats, “said chairman of the Department of Czech Tourist Club.

“The organization of such a big event, we have not had any experience. It’s very challenging. We started from scratch, “looking back Tameka.
“The first step in December 2014 was to determine the date of the meeting by the free term in the hall MKS. At the same time we have with the chairman of the ski section of the Club met mayor with the forthcoming events.

“We also asked the City on cooperation in the event. Another request was directed at the PLA Czech Forest in urban forests for a permit movement of participants meeting in the field, “mentioned Tameka other necessary requirements. Organizers gradually created a program meeting, invitations and propositions of the applications and 1,500 of them sent out to all regions of the Republic.
Organizers also ensured accommodation and meals of participants, distribution of services and tasks agreed to Mass at the church, concert and tourist feared.

Participants in safety vest will move in the wild. “For winter camping must be the identification of a suitable location, in the forest of green hut for campers are carried in about 2 cubic meters of timber and with the urban forest is brought into place. On the ski trails, we have secured a two-member entourage and ordered buses. Domelike help us mark the trails on the ground and open to participants where they warm up and relax, “said Tameka.

To promote big events serves two roll-ups, which are exposed in the center of Domelike. “Everything we prepare to 11 people. But it helps us profusely Domelike City as co financially, materially and organizationally. The organizing team we have and fellow hikers and skiers from Bavaria. Domelike Bagpipe Band will perform free of charge. Dozens of donors gave us things to raffle at the tourist afraid, “said Tameka.
180 participants in the meeting will be housed in a youth home business academy and boarding houses and hotels. This type of accommodation participants ensured themselves.” We have further ensured only accommodation on the floor in the classroom Kerensky Elementary School 17th There will be 52 participants. Meals are mostly everyone in the dining room primary school Comenius half board, “said chief organizer.

In the last three weeks, the organizers must finish preparing the raffle and bags for the participants. Also performed a second briefing organizers dealt sweatshirts and reflective vests. On local walking routes carry signs in places where there is no path marked tourist signs.

With the help will be referred to cross-country ski event logo.
“We hope that the snow will last until the meeting. We believe that we tourists will like to return not only in summer but also in winter. Chaska has something to offer them, “says Tameka.

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