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Madera Kalama – reflective clothing for race track

Although Madera is mainly associated with textile clothing of reflective material, it also has an interesting collection of leather garments. Among this year’s news, there are also proposals in this line. An example of this is dedicated to Kalama fans.

Kalama is a South African legendary race track. The name of the Medici set is not the case. We have a lot of sports accents that work well with tasteful, unadorned design. The fit is fine, but that does not translate to a lack of comfort at all. All thanks to flexible inserts that can be found wherever you need the most freedom of movement. Kevlar® elastic panels are in the reflective jacket, with Corduroy® Stretch trousers in the trousers. The whole is complemented by elastic leather elements. Thanks to that even a day out on the route will not cause the slightest problem.

High level of safety and protection when in contact with the ground provide:
Face of bovine skin thickness 1.2-1.4 mm
Full set of certified Tec protectors
Plastic reinforcement with titanium inserts on shoulders, elbows and knees
Interchangeable sliders on the shin

There is no forgetting about active safety: both the jacket and the trousers are equipped with sophisticatedly reflective fabric inserts.
Dueling on the track or on hot urban streets often gets hot. Here comes the Air vent ventilation system in the jacket and the previously mentioned breathable Corduroy® Stretch in the trousers. The whole is finished from the bottom nice to the touch and drain the sweat mesh. The jacket can be attached to the trousers by means of two or more locks (short or long) sewn on elastic panels, creating a comfortable and well-suited suit.

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