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Marathon runner in safety vest gives you best tips

She has won twice in a row - in the marathon at the World Cup in Beijing, she was also the fastest of the Swedish girls. Now she gives you their top tips for autumn and winter running, including reflective vest to keep safety.

Johansson went from being exerciser to become national team runners in just four years, and she has a strong position as one of the fastest long distance runners in Sweden. Anne, for example, the only woman to have won twice - to keep running races during the winter is one of the secrets behind the success.

- I think it will be easier to get back into racing shape if you run in the winter. I recommend that you run 1-2 times a week to avoid losing running feeling. Do it, it’s really hard to get out so take a while on the treadmill inside the gym, says Anne.
- Add also the more alternative training in the winter, when the body gets the chance to repair itself from any flaws. The key is to maintain fitness and cross-country skiing can be a very good option.

Before each winter season many wonder how to dress when the days and nights are dark and cold.
- I usually winter tights and a little warmer running reflective jacket or shirt with underwear shirt underneath. It is like the foundation, and then I build on for how cold it is. Is it really cool is that both wind panties, knickers and an extra sweater or vest over the top layer. Maybe I change even out skin layer against something that resists moisture if such snows a lot, says Anne.

The collection Craft Brilliance are tights with napped inside that keeps the heat and uppers of wind panels that protect against wind and rain. The garments are the extra reflective prints for good visibility in all directions - and moreover, the collection of fluorescent paint to increase visibility. Other items in the collection Craft Brilliance here!

Anne means that there are few things that bring so much energy to get out and move around in the fresh air, even if you feel tired and tough when it gets dark early.
How To Get despite the cold and darkness - Anne top tips:
1. Spring home from work - so-called transport running. Then you decided earlier in the day and it’s getting harder to fold down for another.
2. Spring with nice friends and see it as a social activity. Calm speech speed is good enough at the autumn session.
3. Skaffa good and stylish workout clothes with reflective tape that can withstand all weather conditions and to keep you warm and dry. Glare and headlamp makes you appear extra fine.
4. Se to have something good to expect when you get home; a good dinner or a nice bath, or anything that you enjoy.

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