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Motorcyclists are required to wear reflective vest

The measure was announced at the beginning of the year, after the publication of bad figures of road mortality. It is now official: drivers of two or three motorized wheels will have obligation from 1 January 2016 to have on board a yellow vest, such as motorists, according to a decree published Sunday in the Official Journal.
Officially called “high visibility vest“, “retro reflective vest” or “fluorescent vest” by some, this accessory must be within easy reach of drivers “on them or in a storage of their vehicle (net, trunk …) “And they will have to” wear it when they come down from their vehicle following an emergency stop, in order to improve their visibility “, the decree specifies.
Fine from 11 to 135 Euros
Compulsory since 1 July 2008 for motorists - such as the red triangle - the fluorescent yellow vest, in conformity with the regulations in force (CE marking), must be lined by the driver before leaving his vehicle in the event of immobilization on The causeway or its surroundings as a result of an emergency stop.
Offenders will incur a fine of € 11 in the absence of a vest on board, € 135 if they do not wear it as a result of an emergency stop.
The measure, several times announced, had been the object of a shield of the French Federation of angry motorcyclists (FFMC). This encourages incentives to travel with appropriate equipment such as reflective vest (gloves, jacket with backbone, boots …).

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