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Older people at risk on road without reflective clothing

All 52 seconds had to take a traffic accident, the police in reflective vest in NRW last. And every seven minutes a man came in road traffic damage. On Monday the NRW Interior Minister Hunter presented the statistics for 2015 - with remarkable detail.

Especially the increased by seven percentage of pedestrians killed in accidents was worrying, said Interior Minister Ralf, when he introduced the accident rate. In any case, this second pedestrians had caused the accidents themselves.” Senior is more often than average injured as a pedestrian or cyclist or killed,” the minister drew attention to older road users.

Last year, 9,561 seniors were an accident on the road, 173 of them fatal. Only 66 died when they were walking on the road. Of the 68 killed were 38 cyclists older than 65 years, 26 more than 75 years.

Tighter controls
Leading cause of death in accidents remain too high a speed, stressed hunters. “One in three road fatalities are a victim of speed.” In 158 of the 521 total deaths (2014: 522) had this relationship clear. This applies even when compared to 2014 by 13 to 83 increased numbers of fatalities motorcyclists. The Minister announced tighter controls.

A high risk goes according hunters from mobile phones: 339 Smartphone have the police ensured in 2015 in the presumption that they have been used shortly before the accident. In 182 cases, the suspicion was confirmed that they are the cause. 146 000 cars and cyclists caught the police by mobile phone at the ear - 14,000 more than anything, 2014.

Pay for Munster
In Munster, police in safety vest recorded 9,735 accidents involving six deaths and 235 serious injuries. The total number of accidents on the highways is 3932 - those were seven more than last year. 786 people were injured, including six killed. Three of the six dead are victims who were captured on the hard shoulder, in stationary vehicles or pedestrians. Excessive speed and insufficient distance remain on the highways main causes of accidents.

Particularly at risk: Two cyclists and pedestrians
Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable road users, shows the accident statistics for the year, 2015.
► what the image draw the number of victims is?
Among the 521 killed were 123 pedestrians, 68 cyclists and 83 motorcyclists - more than half of those killed. Although the total number is virtually unchanged from 2014 (522), but the number was in 2013 even dropped to 479th
After all, more than 2.7 percent fewer people were seriously injured in accidents last year than a year earlier at 13 159, said Interior Minister Ralf.

► what the police against high pace is?
Not enough says the police union: is the cause for the continuing high number of victims that the controls were scaled back. In town had been carried out 30 percent less speed measurements on the highway 24 percent. The Minister announced that again this year, NRW will participate again at Blitzer marathon. Plans - as discussed in Munster - for 30 kph in the city he assessed cautiously. The flow of traffic of a big city should not be slowed down; speed limits would need effective controls.

► Why are pedestrian died?
Poor visibility, dark clothing, and risky behavior: This combination led last November to a devastating series of accidents, as within 24 hours seven pedestrians were killed, said Hunter. Many of them would want to cross the streets of graphical locations. Especially among the elderly, the police will now intensively promote more precautions such as highly visible or reflective clothing.

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