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People choose reflective clothing on New Year’s Eve

At home or in the restaurant, in town or in the mountains, your New Year’s Eve party is surely already planned. Perhaps you are still missing the outfit to celebrate this New Year. It is high time to choose it. First of all exit the little black dress! In 2016, the trousers or the pleated skirt with reflective fabric are preferred. We choose a fun piece and, above all, we dare to take risks, because eventually opportunities are rare to play the card of audacity!
When we think about our New Year’s Eve, the first thing that comes to mind is: B-R-I-L-L-E! So we go to clothes with sequins or sequins, dresses, skirts, tops or even pants, the choice is always as vast. This year, however, the glitter is sophisticated, we do not hesitate to accessorize it and play with superimpositions.
A sequined blouse with ruffle sleeves would be perfect with classic pants but we prefer to wear it with a ruffle pant and a pair of flat shoes. A little look to the airs of flamenco dancer twister with a bag rid cool. In the second option, we choose a t-shirt or body in tulle to wear under a shiny dress to give a little audacity to our outfit. A pair of boots with heels to the feet, a nice bag on the shoulder and its party!
Matter very inconvenient to be carried in the life of every day, it lends itself very well to the special events. Just a piece of leather to change an attitude and it is also important to follow some basic rules so as not to sink into the vulgar. First of all we avoid a length too short, the mini skirt for example, unless we wear it with a big cashmere sweater (for a New Year’s Eve at home). Also avoid the leather top with a plunging neckline or wear it over a pretty gray or white heather t-shirt.
At the writing, we opt rather for a midi skirt with reflective tape to associate with a top with spaghetti straps and a shoe with small heels. We add a small shoulder bag to be able to dance without worrying about his little things and some jewels to give reflection. If the combo leather + skirt do not really enchant us, we are then tempted by pants to marry with a body metallic or scintillating. To awaken the outfit, nothing is better than adding 2-3 colored accessories.
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Reflector of light, the metallic is perfect to shine without taking the head. Just find the piece that we like and associate it with a neutral-colored garment like black, white or gray. It will be easier to accessorize.
It must be admitted, if one does not have the body of Riana, wearing satin can scare at first. Matter which, as we know, marks small defects; by its reflections and the lightness of the fabric that follows the body very closely. We put on pretty shirts or shirts and dresses not too tight, rather than second skin models, especially if we know that we will spend the evening around a table to drink and eat.
We wear our choice on a pretty blouse with a V-neck to wear with a lace briolette. To avoid having a look too sexy, one breaks the outfit with a black denim skirt, amazing mix of material that marries super well. We add by adding colored shoes and a printed bag that will energize the look. In the second option, we like the sophisticated dresses that we accessories judiciously, nothing is used to make too much, a beautiful watch or a pair of earring will do the trick.
It is THE flagship of 2016, and although it was already much appreciated during the holidays of the end of the year this time it chooses pieces in the colors pop or pastel and we leave the black in the closet. We do not hesitate to prefer a velvet accessory rather than a garment, assimilated to a dress or a shirt / jeans combo, this material will instantly awaken our look.
Top, reflective dress or pants you will have to make a choice. At the edit, one cracks on the tops in velvet flying to wear with a trapeze skirt in vinyl. We break the girly look with a chic and urban shoulder bag and a pair of leather boots. To play the simplicity, one chooses a dress with spaghetti strap in velvet crumpled or smooth, associated with a pair of boots sock that will dress the outfit as if by magic. In the hand, a cosmetic box or a pouch, a few jewels here and there and the trick are played.

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