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Priority safe return of vacationers wear safety vest

The Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) stresses that the safe return of vacationers for the period of Easter, is a priority for the agency. So the safety equipment and other first aid bag are required.

In a statement, it recommended checking the correct operation of automobiles; levels from water, oil, brake fluid, windshield wipers, in addition to ensure proper performance of the battery.

As for the tires, the Ministry of Communications advised to verify that they are in perfect condition and that they have adequate air calibration and check the status of dampers and lights; in addition to tools needed in case of failure, such as warning triangles, hydraulic jack, tools and reflective vest.

Indicates that the driver and accompanying persons must carry the belt, minors must be securely fastened a child restraint system homologated weight and height.

It also highlights the not consume alcohol or other substance when handling, rested and not use the cell phone while driving, in addition to rest at least 15 minutes per 200 kilometers or every two hours of travel.

Finally, it suggests not exceed the speed limits on roads and highways, keeping safe distance between the vehicle in front and driving on the right even the drivers wear the safety vest.

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