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Reflective Angel for three years on the road

27-year-old Marcie Szczecin since 2009 travels around Poland on a bike, children handing out glare. Tuesday afternoon reached Treblinka and moving in the direction of Chino. Marcie’s hard not to notice. His bike has reflectors gadgets; the back of the trailer is hitched. This is what it carries all the gifts: badges and reflective vests.

- I witnessed the child deduction by a car. Then I decided to act. I went on tour in January, three years ago. What I do is not a joke. On the roads it is becoming more and more dangerous, which is why I try to help and give out glare? They can save your life - says Marcie in safety vest.

Sometimes it gets something in bike shops and at petrol stations. He sleeps with good people, sometimes on a meadow in a sleeping bag.
- Last year gave me a welcome resident of Chino, and today in Keswick helped me fix the bike. It is not bad - says Mackie, hailed in Poland reflective Angel.
The next point on the route is Bielsko-Biala, then Krakow and Szczecin.

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