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Reflective jacket is the second backbone of motorcyclist

The reflective jacket is our second backbone, so on a motorcycle I always accompany me practically, even if my ride ends 2km. The jacket is available in several color variants. We chose white with blue and black inserts.
The jacket was made of polyester 500D and also reinforced with Durian and R-tech material. Such a mixture of materials directly affects the comfort we feel. Nothing blocks our freedom, we have a full range of movement, and additional adjustments on the waist and on the sleeves allow you to fit the jacket to our silhouette (also after removing the napkin and rainbow membrane).
Our touring set ran in full sun on the Suzuki Bandit 1250, experienced the rain and wind on the Triumph Tiger 800 Rx and also a bit of sand on the Honda XRV 750 Africa Twin. In each of these conditions, Mica was able to manage. The inside was nice all the time. The wind did not have access to me; the rain did not end up with wet hands. And hot days?
On the heat we have a special main ventilation panel in Area jacket - sewn from a thick 3D mesh. After removing a special tongue, we see a few inches wide of the ventilation belt, which extends from our waist, across the chest at the end of the neck. This is the main ventilation that lets cool air into the inside of the jacket and distributes the interior. In addition, we also have two vents under the armpits.
But how does it work when the temperature exceeds 30 ° C? The jacket without the napkin gets very light and pleasant, while driving we feel like the cooler air enters the “ventilation chimney” - but there is no charm, ventilation requires movement. While standing 5 minutes in the red light, the heat coming from the sky reaches us. All you have to do is move on to become more enjoyable again. This is not a super-hip-chic t-shirt jacket, but no mesh jacket will give us such a Safety certified by elbows and shoulders, as well as R-tech reinforcements. On the back we have a pocket to which to put a back protector - because unfortunately this manufacturer does not add as standard.
This is one of Mica’s main assumptions - high visibility vest is greater security. That is why both the jacket and trousers have a large number of reflective panels made of high quality materials. However, if it is not enough for you - you can buy a dedicated vest and special light on the back of the LED technology. Once you’ve set it all up, you become more visible than a Christmas tree full of Christmas
The trousers are built like a jacket, but have a better waterproof membrane. It is also worth noting the reinforcement on the lower leg (more resistant to abrasive properties of the asphalt) and certified knee pads. At our disposal we have two waterproof pockets zippered, and two large pockets on the thighs, which we will put our daily supply of souvenirs from wilderness)
There are two side panels for ventilation and a special panel around the knees. When they are opened in the middle, there is a wave of cooler air. However, as it turns out - further pulling the buckle on the knees transforms trousers into a set of short tourist gates. In fast and efficient way with motorcycling we can go to explore the surrounding ruins, rocks and folklore.
Atom is a glove for extremely bad weather, and their construction suggests a warm ride. In practice it is even better where the warmed up gloves go, where pulls out his secret weapon - a rechargeable battery system.
Of course, the safety vest is obviously thicker than the summer ones and do not have ventilation, but their use does not mean that we are completely separated from the machine and lose our sense of control. Already during the first tour we get used to their thickness and easily handle the gas and brake and clutch levers.
The travel set from is not one of the cheapest and simplest - it is aimed at a specific audience that values comfort, comfort and safety without having to bother with details.

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