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Reflective vest can protect people from raining

The new collection of the German company is inspired by Italy and is aimed at all enthusiasts, from cyclists who wear reflective vest to the devotees of MTB, in total respect for the environment.
Pedaling under the sunny sun or enjoying the coolness of a tree-lined avenue is part of the game. Just like pushing the pedals under the rainfall. Being able to get a good performance under difficult conditions can give us a unique satisfaction, as long as these conditions do not compromise your health. It’s fundamental, then, to equip yourself with the best: technical and breathable fabrics for the hottest days, rain for the wet ones.
Vaud, a German company with an Italian name, responds to the need to pedal dry, both from rain and sweat. The breath-taking Tremolo series is a line of cycling clothing designed for both mountain biking and urban and cycle touristic use. They are completely men’s and women’s suits, from the top-down jacket, water-repellent blush and breathable T-shirt - to the long and short pants, even with the waterproof reflective clothing.
These products boast the “Green Shape” brand, the Vaud-backed warranty for eco-friendly products, made with sustainable materials and using resource-conserving production methods. The Green Shape Guarantee expressly excludes the use of critical materials and technologies such as PVC, fluorocarbons, nanotechnologies or solvent-printed fabrics.
Among the top range products in the collection:
The raincoat jacket for all bikers, waterproof and windproof but at the same time breathable, equipped with ventilation jackets and ventilation vim on the arms. Shaped to follow the body, has different designs for men and women and is characterized by a low weight (224 grams per woman, 269 per man). The cap is cropped, adjustable and rolling for maximum comfort. The jacket is equipped with reflective elements to increase road safety.
Rain Shorts Women - The Tremolo series is also “for Women”: the technical features of the range are similar to the men’s line, with particular attention to the gentle lines of ladies. The reflective jacket is disadvantaged for greater adherence to tight waist silhouette, trousers are tailor-made for feminine hips and feature “Women’s active cycling” (8mm) bottom, designed for medium-long sporty running, porous foam Wide for increased breathability and seams to enhance the comfort of the skin in contact.

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