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Reflective vest can take to Germany

Right from July 1 the police intend to begin with inspections and collection of fines. They have also become stricter Pravda for entry into the emission zone of some German cities.

Three and a half years after it came into force in the Czech Republic to carry a reflective vest in the car, enter the same Regulation in Germany. Right from July 1, when it begins to pay, the police intend to begin with inspections and collection of fines.

In addition, stricter rules for entering the emission zones, some German cities. Do many of them certainly will not be allowed to drive in a car with red and yellow stickers - the ones that do not meet at least the Euro 4 emission standard these include Bonn, Cologne, Dortmund, Duisburg, Bochum and Gelsenkirchen.

Already in May began to apply Regulation increasing the penalty for entry into the zone without the appropriate label. Instead of the previous 40 Euros now selects the double penalty.

Absence vest comes to 15 Euros
Since the inclusion of reflective safety vests mandatory equipment rental, experts on road safety promise to improve the safety of drivers in case of an accident or breakdown must leave the car - motorists in nearby vehicles is better seen.
Legislation does not stipulate whether the vest orange, yellow or green. Unlike Austria, the German regulations do not require a jacket for each passenger cars - so just one per vehicle.

If the driver does not have a reflective vest in the car, threatened him at the roadside fine of 15 Euros (410 dollars). German automobile club ADAC but warns that if the driver vest when leaving the vehicle he not, it is not an offense. In such a case, but probably will not be entitled to compensation from the insurance company if it hurt a passing car.

Higher fines since May
Since May 1 also tightened the point system for traffic offenses while driving a car and change the amount of certain fines.
About half of the increased fines for talking while are driving without a hands-free help, for driving without lights and reflective material on in poor visibility for turning in a tunnel or parking at the pinch point, which can block the operation. For these offenses, the police may collect from May 60 Euros (1650 dollars). For non-use of child safety seats be fined 60 Euros instead of 40 Euros earlier.

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