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Road safety in Board primary school

This Thursday, April 14 morning, students CM2 of Board Primary School gathered in the parking lot near the stadium of the village to develop cycling on maneuverability track set up by Christophe Kaleen, rural village guard and Jean-Claude volunteer delegate of road safety Grad invited by the municipality. In the afternoon, the children of the CM1 have succeeded their elders.

Each year, the Guard organizes two awareness days’ traffic regulations from these classes. The first day is a theoretical day during which students are made aware of the correct attitudes of pedestrians, cyclists and car passengers and brief information on bus transportation, children CM2 will travel to college next year. The conclusion of this first day is that too many children are not attached in the car on short trips. At the end of the day a noted test is performed.

The second day is that of today. Children can bring their own bike with wear safety vest, which use a bicycle of road safety. There also each child is noted. If these two days are a repeat of CM1 for the following year, it is not the same for the CM2. The child getting the best grade will meet the best child in each school represented at the county championship in Nimes 15 June 2016 take the opportunity to remind some rules? By bike, day or night, wearing the retro-reflective vest is mandatory for all open road, the bicycle lighting device is mandatory helmet is strongly recommended. The goal is to reduce the accident in the department because the Grad is one of the worst students in France. About 10% of drivers are bad drivers irreducible.

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