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Staff will receive a reflective vest with an identification number

The Municipality of La Punta issued a resolution that deals with regulating the work of delivery throughout its jurisdiction. All merchants who have this service must register their staff in the Trade Office and will receive a yellow vest.

The director of transport and commerce, Gustavo, explained that first a technical control will be carried out on motorcycles, that you do not have the modified escapes, that you have the mirrors and that they have all the safety regulations. The health booklet will be required of the staff in reflective uniform and it will be checked that the box ends up complying with the current norms.

Once the merchant has performed all the paperwork that is required, he will be given a reflective vest with an identification number. “This will not only serve to let the client know who is providing the service, but also the merchant will know how it is the act of his staff when he goes out to the public road, since many times the delivery incurs to failures to the norms of transit like speeding and passing traffic lights in red, “said Calderon.

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