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Sunlight Lady Running Wear by reflective material

To not give up the pleasure of an outdoor running even in the colder months when the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, it is essential to respect some simple trick. Starting from clothing, it goes without saying. And that does not mean wearing layers and layers of reflective clothing, let alone opt for heavy suits or sweatshirts. Just choose the appropriate technical garments. Like those of the collection Sunlight Lady Gore Running Wear® combining technical innovations and comfort without giving up design and fashion.

“I keep very fit and to the material - says Agnes Fischer, testimonial campaign. - The fabric should feel pleasant on the skin, providing freedom of movement and enable an optimal management of perspiration, so when I run, I train in the gym or do yoga can fully concentrate on the body and breathing. ”

The line Sunlight Lady has a lot to offer from an aesthetic point of view. The colors are fresh, eye-catching prints and fine details, while the cuts are designed to enhance femininity. “The jacket - revealing Agnes Fischer - does not wear it only during training. It is ideal for a ride into town with my friends when the weather is cold and wet: an element of absolute well-being. ”

The reflective jacket that says Fischer, available in blue, black, bright pink and equipped with innovative technology Gore® Winds topper® and insulated with Prim aloft® , in addition to keeping you dry and warm the body, protects it from wind and cold. The sleeves with a hole for the thumb and the high collar reinforce the effect, while the reflective details ensure visibility in poorly lit environments. The zippered pockets offer, in addition, a space for keys or other small items.

The sweatshirt with hood, however, is ideal for the winter race thanks to the combination of functional materials and technology Gore® Winds topper® making it waterproof. The hood is provided with an opening for the ponytail. Details not indifferent!

The reflective vest is the perfect complement to the sweatshirt. Available in blue, black and pink, with its high collar, protects, warms it can be combinatory with long-sleeved top. The pants, finally, thanks to the padding and soft and warm to the stretch fabric, Massimo offer comfort and freedom of movement.

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