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Traffic safety: Mutual respect enormously important

So we can all reach their destination safely is one thing above all important road safety: Mutual respect. Particularly pedestrians, children and bicycle or motorcycle riders are in an accident little protection and no “crumple zone” that could protect them in a crash from injury. “Mobile Bavaria - destination safely” with the Road Safety Program does the police on the issue of road safety attention.

As from the security police report stating there was in 2015 in Nested / WN total of 3001 traffic accidents: Of these, 2,120 accidents involving body damage, recorded 547 accidents with more substantial material damage and as many as 334 cases involving personal injury. In the district of Nested / WN, there were even six fatal traffic accidents. With the Road Safety Program “Bayern Mobil - safely to their destination,” the police want to reduce accidents and reduce the number of road deaths.

In an accident after all pedestrians, children and cyclists have - motorized or not - over a motorist always lose out. But for every road user, the question arises: What can I do to prevent accidents? Such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists can actively protect? “Helmets for example, protect cyclists and motorcyclists from severe head injuries,” says Werner, First police chief inspector and head of the police station Nested. Reflective clothing with reflective tape can make pedestrians and cyclists more visible in traffic. For cyclists also true lifesaver Number 1: “Light, light, light when it is dark. Driving without lights is life-threatening. ”

In these and many other indications, the police drew attention at an information booth in front of the Sparks’ branch in Nested. “It is important the awareness of all road users to sharpen for road safety,” said Gerhard, board member of the savings bank. In a contest that passers-by could also equal to prove whether they have the traffic safety tips also noted: The participants had questions in the contest on the subject of road safety answer to have a chance at great prizes.

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