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Yellow vest - safety for our children

Wearing a yellow vest is now mandatory for all students using school transport.

The General Council of La Mancha distributed last November students of nursery and primary retro reflective jumpers. The aim is to enhance the visibility of students transported and therefore their safety in their home-school movement - especially on their journey between their home and their breakpoint.

It is regularly found that the most serious accidents occur to expectation, the rise and descent of school buses. Each child now has a retro-reflective vest to wear on its pedestrian walkways between the home, the school and its point of stopping school.

It is therefore necessary for parents to be vigilant and to check that their child always wear this vest for traveling on foot. So is his everyday safety.

The port will not punishable in the regulation of school transport and provides that in case of non-compliance of wearing the safety vest, the Department punishes the student with a warning that may lead to temporarily or definitively for subsequent offenses.

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